The hidden science in Yajna
Posted On: Friday May 18, 2018
Literally the term YAJNA denotes sacrifice. In Physical terms, Yajna is a process aimed at the refinement of the subtle energy existing in matter with the help of sound and thermal energy of Mantras (Vedic hymes). Generally Yajna are of two types as explained in revealed Scriptures,  namely AGNIHOTRA or HAVAN and Next NAMA SANKIRTANAM yajna (also called a Yuga… READ MORE
Surgery: The Vedic initiative
Posted On: Friday May 18, 2018
By definition, Surgery in medical science is a treatment tactic of a physical intervention on tissues. As a general rule, a course of action is considered surgical when it involves cutting of a patient's tissues or closure of a previously sustained wound. Other procedures that do not necessarily fall under this rubric, such as angioplasty or endoscopy, may be considered surgery if they… READ MORE
Addressing the Misconceptation
Posted On: Friday May 18, 2018
There is a common misunderstanding in modern world about knowledge, science and spirituality. This misunderstanding originated from some uninformed people, who reither speculate than inquire from authoritive source. Such misconseption had gone so deep in human mind that nowadays everyone believe that vedic scriptures or spirituality is outdated impractical folklore based myth and mere faith of sentimentalist. Such ignorant people… READ MORE